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Yes, Buzzfit Training gives you authentic Tools and Strategy to make You Lose Fat & Feel Confident.

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

499$ 249$ (one time)

  • Onboarding Call With Trainer (ZOOM)
  • 3-Month Coaching with Personal Trainer
  • Weekly Call with Your Trainer (ZOOM)
  • 3 Personalized Programs (HEXFIT)
  • 2-Week LOW Carb Menu Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner (BONUS)
  • 2-Week High Protein Menu Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner (BONUS)
  • Access to ALL BuzzfitTraining for 12 Months
  • 85+ Blogs (Updated Monthly)
  • 50+ Recipe (Update Monthly)
  • Men's Workouts (Updated Monthly)
  • Women's Workouts (Updated Monthly)
  • Mindset Videos (Update Monthly)

199$ 99$ one time

  • Onboarding Call With Trainer (ZOOM)
  • 1-Month Coaching with Personal Trainer
  • Weekly Call with Your Trainer (ZOOM) 4 Weeks
  • 1 Personalized Programs (HEXFIT)
  • Access to ALL BuzzfitTraining for 3 Months
  • 85+ Blogs (Updated Monthly)
  • 50+ Recipe (Update Monthly)
  • Men's Workouts (Updated Monthly)
  • Women's Workouts (Updated Monthly)
  • Mindset Videos (Update Monthly)

You know what do to and you're not where you want to be ?

Rose took that leap of Faith and She's not looking back.

Live ONE on ONE call with a Trainer to Personalized Your Experience and Get you going.

Weekly Follow Up Calls to Adjust , Motivate and Structure Your Week.

Video Of Every Machine In The Gym To Make Sure Your Are A Pro In NO Time

Live Support From Professionals, Kinésiologues, Naturopath, PNL, Hormonal Balance....

Detailed Workout Plan For Optimal Result NO GUESS WORK

You Know Your Schedule We Know How To Adapt

Our Coaches Personalize your Program to your needs.

You'll be able to stay motivated while having fun without the headache

Workout Challenge and Support

Detailed Nutrional Tool for your busy schedule

Do You know What When and How Much You Should Eat ?

You'll have Daily Meals and Snacks Sync with My Fitness Pal That prevents you from Guessing.

Your Coaches Will Tweak and Adjust Your Diet Every week for Results

You'll Get Delightful High Protein and Low Carbs Options to kept you Happy & Fit

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Where Are We When You Need Us ?

Your Trainer Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way.

You'll have Access to Our Private Community to Share , Exchange and Inspire you.

You Can Ask your Question by chat, phone or e-mail we know it not always black and white.

You'll unlock our Live Coaching Sessions with Different Trainers

You're old school and computers are frustrating you ?

Don't worry you'll have the option to print your programs and diet.

Variety of Home and Gym Workout to Make your You have no More excuses

14-Day & 21-Day Challenges Showing you how to different situation that can happen

Workout & Program

Buzzfit Training Is A Website For Support, Motivation And Community.

Yes, Buzzfit Training was created for people like you, that need that daily dose of motivation, courage or that needs that extra push in their workouts.


We started this website to provide an enhance service to our 1 on 1 clients in our multiple gym locations.


Like you they needed support, motivation , knowledge and all that by professional they trust. So with the recent events we created this platform to help you get mentally and physically fit.

Our Vision For You

What Is Exactly The Difference Between Us and Any Other Online Training?

Here Is How Our Client Feel About Us

Let Me Break It Down For You

Video Call With Your Trainer

Value : 360$

Assessing your needs and Adapting the 3-Programs and Diet to you.

Followed by 12 - Weekly Follow up Calls to adapt for optimal Results


Personalized Program & Diet

Value : 240$

Your Trainer Will provide a Personalized program with your Adjusted Macro.

Workout & Program

Online Member Access for 12 Months

Value : 120$

Online Platform with Recipes, Blogs, Workouts, Challenges and more.

Workout Challenge and Support

Private Facebook Group Access

Value : Priceless

Private Facebook Group where you can share your progress and bond with our community. We also have contests, Live Videos, and Rebates.

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Value : 200$

Downloadable LOW Carb & HIGH Protein Diets of 200 + Pages

Diet Pic

Regular Price : 920 $

Click for your ONE time OFFER (Limited Time)

ONLY 499$

Your Limited Time OFFER

Lose Up To 25 Pounds in 3-Month Or less

Our Client Lose an Average of 15 Pounds Every Challenge

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